Atalanta Marine is a company with a wealth of experience in the field of yachting. It is the market leader in the area of management, sales and chartering of crewed yachts in Greece.


Purchase or sale, the transfer of ownership of a yacht is a delicate matter.It requires efficiency, confidentiality and a relationship of trust. At Atalanta Marine, the owner's utmost benefit is always the basic consideration


The essence of a Luxury Charter is the flexibility and independence a yacht allows: a holiday on a luxury yacht represents freedom - either to get away from it all, or to go where the action is. You decide just where you want to go, and how long you spend there.


A matter of “smooth operation”!

Having acquired a yacht, the next step is its careful management. Yacht Management requires expertise, efficiency and technical knowledge. The careful management of a yacht, by a team of highly skilled professionals, will ensure that it remains in perfect condition and that it maintains its value.


Atalanta Agency was created in order to provide captains and crew for the yachts visiting Greece with fully comprehensive support and assist them in delivering exceptional service to owners and guests. We seek to provide outstanding port agency services through-out Greece and Turkey, delivering on the highest expectations by meeting each request with the necessary skills.


Atalanta Yacht Insurance represents some of the biggest insurance companies offering complete, ready or tailor made packages to the clients. Intro text here


Atalanta Marine was established in 1976 as Alios Company and since then has been a pioneer of yachting in the eastern Mediterranean region. With a commitment to quality and satisfaction we strive to provide a wide range of services to suit your personal yachting needs.

Our entrenched passion for yachting complemented by our in-depth knowledge and professional expertise, has allowed us to grow successfully year over year leading the way for us to become the leading yachting company in the region. Our services not only include the handling of all the operational and technical aspects, but also crewing, procurement and the financial aspects of yachts.

As a full-service company, we currently employ more than 40 people that are prepared to handle your yachting needs at some of the most popular cruising destinations that include: Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

Beyond our experience and superior yacht management, we take pride in our people working together as a team with you. We demonstrate value in our approach and commitment to quality and loyalty. We use our global relationships to set us apart from the rest, helping us succeed in being the market leader in sales, chartering and management of crewed yachts.

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