• Anticipate, satisfy and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations
  • Stay dedicated to reaching and maintaining the highest standards of services; we strive and insist on thorough training of our people in order to continuously improve
  • Maintain our position for the management of the largest fleet of crewed yachts in the eastern Mediterranean region (including some of the most prestigious Greek yachts, ranging from 30m to 72m)
  • Sustain the largest number of Central Agencies and charters in the region
  • Uphold the position for having some of the most well-known global shipyards (including both motor yachts and sailing yachts)
  • Preserve a combination of a unique blend of 120 years of experience in yachting demonstrated in our three partners
  • Conduct our efforts to assure, maintain, provide and employ superior quality in all our services for each and every customer at sea and ashore

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