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Panos Douros
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Black Pepper

Black Pepper – Vintage Spirit!

“Driven by their elegance, design, performances and innovation passion, Black Pepper® Women & Men, with a touch of madness, have created for you the way of life called « Code attitude » with it’s vintage spirit; to be discover and consume without moderation…”

Michel Douville de Franssu, CEO

Black Pepper units offer perfect and luxurious finishes as well as the utmost performance and off shore safety. They combine traditional and modern materials, where exotic timber is mixed with leather, carbon, and stainless steel. The mixing of cultures gives the company a specific originality bringing together ancestral know-how and innovative and modern production techniques.

Skilled engineers and craftsmen, have a wealth of experience in areas such as boat building, composites and chemistry industry, offshore sailing, cabinet work, and classical marine leather work. Black Pepper is growing in all areas, bringing together talents, training them and letting them work with cutting edge technologies, new methods, new skills. 


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