Gulf Craft opens a luxury hub in Port Rashid to mark its 40th anniversary

Gulf Craft – Manufacturer of luxury yachts and boats

Gulf Craft is a world-renowned manufacturer of luxury yachts and boats, with a rich heritage in boatbuilding that spans four decades. The company builds vessels of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques to ensure customer satisfaction and seaworthiness.

With its 40th anniversary in 2022, Gulf Craft aims to cement its position as an industry leader. In this year’s milestones, the first is the opening of the Experience Center, which will let customers and partners touch and feel the high-quality materials used in building yachts. 

Experience Center1
Gulf Craft Experience Centre in Port Rashid – exterior view

‘Gulf Craft Experience Centre’ a state-of-art

The ‘Gulf Craft Experience Centre’ will deliver a luxury experience to its constantly growing international clientele. The Centre aims to enhance the experience of building a yacht by providing a unique interactive experience that can be enjoyed by both buyers and yacht enthusiasts alike, a procedure that is normally reserved for later in the purchase cycle.

Experience Center2
Gulf Craft Experience Centre in Port Rashid – interior view

Personalised luxury experience by Gulf Craft

Customers will be able to look and feel the high-quality in materials like marble, carpets, and wooden veneers that go into each yacht, as well as place new orders and receive expert advice on maintenance and servicing. The company’s clients can explore the variety of yachts on offer through virtual reality technology.

Experience Center3
Experience Center5

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A few words about the shipyard

The company was founded in 1982 and has been operating since then under the same ownership. The shipyard has grown into one of the world’s top seven shipyards. With humble beginnings as a manufacturer of small fishing boats, Gulf Craft established itself as a leader in innovation and technology within the yachting industry.

Its five brands cover a wide variety of yachts and boats that appeal to a broad audience, such as its touring passenger’s boats, Silvercraft family day boats, Oryx Sport Cruisers, Nomad Explorer Yachts, and Majesty Yachts, the shipyard’s flagship.

The company utilizes advanced technology, sophisticated engineering, timeless design, value for money pricing, and world-class craftsmanship to become one of the world’s top yacht manufacturers.

The Vision

Gulf Craft’s goal is to be at the cutting edge of luxury-yacht and pleasure boat design, with a reputation for practicality, craftsmanship, and great value for money.

The Competitive Advantage

Gulf Craft has established its operation in Dubai where VAT is 5% and income taxes are quite favorable for local businesses. Also, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) is the raw material derived from oil and is primarily utilized in yacht construction.

The shipyard has access to raw materials in a highly efficient way. Due to these business circumstances, Gulf Craft is in the position to offer great value for the money invested by the customers.

Atalanta Marine represents Gulf Craft In Greece

We are the exclusive dealers of Majesty, Yachts NOMAD Explorer, Oryx Sport Cruisers, and Silvercraft in Greece. These exceptional vessels offer perfection, classic styling, and uncompromising naval engineering. Qualities that result from unparalleled workmanship, Italian and UK design, and robust construction procedures.

The Majesty 100 has gained worldwide attention due to its enclosed sky lounge, powerful propulsion system, and spacious living areas. In addition, the launching of the Majesty 175 as the world’s largest composite yacht (with 780 GT) redefined superyacht standards and marked a new era for Majesty Yachts.

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