The Nomad SUV Collection

The new Nomad SUV collection brings a lot of changes to the market and sets the brand at the forefront of any other shipyard. This innovative collection consists of an eclectic range of semi displacement yachts designed for those who enjoy long-range cruising. The Nomad Yachts range offers all modern comforts, with cleverly positioned glazed areas allowing natural light to flow inside, cutting-edge safety features, extensive oceangoing capabilities, and a main deck cabin, transforming yachting into an exciting exploration of the senses.

The introduction of a deck brings the superyacht elements to a mid-size yacht, creating more space for onboard lounging and outdoor entertainment.

The new Nomad 65 SUV is an exceptional addition to the fleet, built using advance composites to reduce weight and increase stability.

The new Nomad 95 SUV has been built using Carbon Fibre and Kevlar composites and possesses supreme navigational technology. The six-cabin version, which is also available, makes it a unique yacht in its range.

Ranging from 65 to 95 feet, Nomad SUV collection is setting new standards in the long-range yacht market.

Explore Nomad SUV Collection:

Nomad 65 SUV: nomad-65-suv

Nomad 75 SUV: nomad-75-suv

Nomad 95 SUV: nomad-95-suv

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