Dimitris Deligiannis

Born in Athens, Dimitris Deligiannis met up with sailing in the young age of eight, following his parents’ habit of sailing. Although his competitive spirit accompanied him to other activities such mountain ski or car racing, it was not long before he started heading into a successful career in competitive sailing including competing at the Olympics in 1984, 1988 and 1992. In 1993 he cruised to Soiling World Championship gold metal win, completing in the most ideal way his career to the Olympic Classes. Moving to the offshore sailing, he joined the Okyalos team, as a member of which he obtained numerous victories. In 2006 he establishes his own sailing team becoming almost the exclusive winner of the Aegean Rally Race.

Along with sailing, Dimitris studied physics & mathematics at the University of Athens and mechanical engineering at the National Technical University of Athens.  

With a passion for being on the water and the active lifestyle that accompanies boating, Deligiannis joined Atalanta Marine in 1996. Today, as a Managing Partner he enjoys the privilege of turning his passion into business.


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