Professional yacht management is an essential aspect of yacht ownership. From day to day operations to yacht crew placement and financial management, the experts at Atalanta Marine ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of your most valued asset while significantly maximising your return on investment. 

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Superior yacht operations maintaining your asset to the highest standards

Maintaining the owner’s assets to the highest quality is at the heart of Atalanta Marine’s operation department. Our team of knowledgable experts handle mooring, provisioning, agency services, marine insurance, travel arrangements and full compliance with legal and environmental regulations. The yacht operations team is also responsible for flag administration and annual class surveys.


Yacht management

Technical Consultancy

Technical expertise for every step of yacht building, maintenance and refit

Our world-class technical team consists of highly experienced naval architects, marine engineers and captains who are always looking ahead to the future of the yachting industry. The team is involved in a broad scope of activities that include project supervision, upgrading, interior refurbishing, major yacht refits and new build projects.

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Sourcing the best professional yacht crew in the business

The importance of a fully-trained, professional yacht crew can not be underestimated. From expert captains with decades of experience to deck crew, diving instructors and more, the team at Atalanta Marine utilise the largest yacht crew network in the Eastern Mediterranean to source the best crew for our clients. 


Employing the best headhunting team in the Eastern Mediterranean region, the Atalanta Marine Placement Department is responsible for matching our client’s yachts with the perfect crew. Our extensive database of registered yacht crew members offers yacht owners and captains a wide selection of candidates to choose from. Furthermore, our familiarisation with each candidate over the years provides us with a deep-rooted understanding of each crew member’s potential beyond what is written in their profile.


Ongoing education for yacht crew is of vital importance. The Atalanta Marine training department specialises in hospitality in accordance with the Alain Ducasse Institute (Culinary Arts) and American Yacht Institute. All seminars are conducted on our private premises throughout the Mediterranean or other establishments, if necessary. We recruit the best Greek and foreign teachers to administer each training, ensuring every element of the yachting experience lives up to its seven-star reputation. 

Yacht management


Sourcing the highest quality yacht materials at the best prices in the Med

The procurement service makes yacht ownership as cost-efficient and hassle-free as possible. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the market, purchase potential and volume, we attain the utmost competitive prices for both materials and services combined with punctual and dependable delivery. With a reliable network of suppliers built up over 45 years, we guarantee the quality, price and delivery competency of all of our partners.


  • Bunkering
  • Provisioning
  • Refurbishment
  • Catering
yachting company in Greece

Financial Management

Keeping track of yacht finances to maximise your return on investment

It’s no secret that yacht ownership can be an expensive pastime. The Atalanta Marine financial management team always keep a clear and precise overview of your yachting expenses to ensure there are never any surprises. From crew payroll to annual budgeting and income tax consultancy services, our trusted financial advisors guide the process for stress-free yachting. 

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Cash-flow Management
  • Budget (Quarterly & Annual)
  • Monthly Reports
  • Cash-flow Statements
  • Income Tax Statements
  • Yacht Crew Payroll
  • Balance Sheets
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Data collection

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